07 03 2017

Three quarters of all cars launched at Geneva feature systems from GKN Driveline

GKN’s CVJs, drive shafts, all-wheel-drive torque management solutions and eDrive technologies used by 74% of production cars making their debut

Three-quarters of the new production-ready models launched at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show use technologies supplied by GKN Driveline. The UK-headquartered global leader in driveline systems will supply constant-velocity joints sideshaft systems, propshafts, all-wheel-drive torque management solutions or eDrive technologies to 74% of the new production cars on display.

Two of the fastest rear-wheel drive supercars launched at the Geneva show will deliver their power through GKN’s advanced lightweight rear sideshafts, which offer outstanding driveline efficiency and minimal component packaging requirements. Elsewhere, the new BMW i8 Protonic Frozen Black will feature GKN’s game-changing two-speed eAxle driving the front wheels. The revolutionary multi-speed eDrive delivers peak drive torque of 2800Nm in a package that weighs just 27kg and boasts an efficiency of 97%.

Front sideshafts from GKN Driveline will be supplied to the four-wheel drive model variants of two new premium models, while the company’s SX6 constant-velocity joint will appear in a new supermini. The SX6 joint uses GKN’s trademark ‘Countertrack’ technology, which features sets of opposed ball tracks to reduce packaging size and increase efficiency. The high steering angles that can be achieved also help to improve the car’s manoeuvrability.

GKN Driveline’s Electronic Torque Manager (ETM2) limited-slip differential system will be supplied in tailored applications for a range of new models, including high-performance variants of a luxury SUV, premium estate car and a plug-in hybrid. The ETM2 system offers an innovative solution to active torque distribution between axles or across an axle differential. Enhancing vehicle stability, it continuously adapts to both the driver’s demands and the amount of grip available at each individual wheel.

The latest GKN Driveline innovations will also be showcased at Geneva. The unique ‘Twinster’ intelligent twin-clutch torque vectoring system will be supplied to an all-new road car, following its applications in the Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Ford Focus RS, plus a range of General Motors vehicles. Meanwhile, GKN’s unique expertise in supplying complete all-wheel drive systems to manufacturers will be showcased in an all-new SUV.

GKN Driveline Senior Vice President of Engineering and Technology, Dr Ray Kuczera, said: “We design, develop and supply driveline technologies for over 90% of the world’s car manufacturers, and the new production models at Geneva this year showcase a great cross-section of our capabilities across a wide range of vehicle applications. From high-efficiency, cleverly-packaged drive shafts to innovative all-wheel drive disconnect and high-performance torque vectoring solutions, GKN leads the world in vehicle driveline systems.”

Geneva Motor Show 2017

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