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The sideshaft provides the dynamic connection between the engine and driven wheels, transmitting power and allowing steering angles whilst accommodating suspension movements and isolating vibrations. It has a critical impact on a vehicle’s performance, efficiency, handling and comfort.


Constant Velocity Joints

A constant velocity joint is a mechanical coupling in which the rotational speed of the output shaft is the same as that of the input shaft whatever the operating angle of the joint.

CV Joints

Driveshaft boots

Sealing systems, or boots, are required to keep the lubricant inside the joint and to prevent dirt and moisture or any other contaminating substance from getting into the joint.



The propeller shaft is a very important component for rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. It transmits the torque from the engine/gearbox unit to the axle differential. In some cases, long distances have to be bridged between the units.


Suspension springs

Suspension springs play a crucial role in the car's suspension system. They compress themselves to absorb the shock caused by bumps in the roads while driving.


Steering components

The steering forms the most direct connection between road and driver. Although it consists of multiple different technical components, it needs to convey clear and unambiguous steering feedback to the driver in order to be safe.

Steering components

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