Innovating for Change: 2022 Sustainability Report

We are proud to report on our first full year of performance against our KPIs and targets. Our first standalone report, Innovating for Change, outlines our strategy, progress against key targets and our commitment to continue reporting on our progress.

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“The automotive industry plays an essential role in decarbonising the road transport sector and enabling the global transition to net zero through replacing vehicles that run on fossil fuels with battery-powered electric vehicles. Our role in GKN Automotive is to manage that transition and, in doing so, drive a cleaner, more sustainable world.”

Dr. Clare Wyatt
Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer

Our strategy is focused on four key pillars: Our People, Climate Action, Responsible Sourcing and Our Impact, which are all built on our core foundations of compliance, ethics, safety and security. This report shares all the work we have done over the last year under each pillar to help us drive a cleaner, more sustainable world. Below is a snapshot of the key highlights.

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Our Innovating for Change report is available to download in full here

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