eCrate Concept: Registration of Interest

Our new plug-and-play eDrive concept is designed to meet the growing demand among niche electric vehicle players and EV conversion companies for modular electric drive technology.

Utilising our 20 years of eDrive experience, the cost-effective modular electric drive system offers optimal efficiency and performance and market-proven technology in an off-the-shelf format.

Suitable for various purposes, including small to large cars and light commercial vehicles in series production, the concept has the potential to help accelerate the transition to full electrification by empowering start-ups and established low volume players.


Prospective customers will have a choice of three systems: a 113kW 2-in-1 combination system, or a 113kW fully integrated 3-in-1 system comprising an electric machine, transmission and inverter, in a choice of 113kW or 185kW output. The full specifications can be read below.

System Specification 2in1 113kW 3in1 113kW 3in1 185kW
Peak Power 113kW (10s) 113kW (10s) 185kW (10s)
Peak Torque 2340Nm (10s) 2340Nm (10s) 3770Nm (30s)
Continuous Torque 1150Nm 1150Nm 1283Nm
Max System output Speed 1390rpm 1390rpm 1080rpm
System Voltage 400V 400V 400V
Peak System efficiency 94.8 TBC 93.5
Estimated System weight 63,2kg TBC 94,0kg
Package space required L x W x H 500mm x 440mm x 370mm TBC TBC
Gearbox layout offset offset offset
Gear Ratio 10.2 10.2 11.8
Parklock included Y Y Y
EDL included N N N
Type of eMotor PSM PSM PSM
Type of HV connection to system Busbar (AC) TBC Pigtail (DC)
.Projected Selling Price
Target Unit Price excluding shipping (1-50 units) 5,000 € 7,500 € 10,000 €
Target Unit Price excluding shipping (50-500 units) 4,500 € 7,000 € 9,000 €
Target Unit Price excluding shipping (>500 units) Enquire directly


For companies interested in this new concept, please complete the form below to submit your interest.

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