The eDrive system in the Streetscooter

GKN Automotive’s modular eDrive systems help EV start-ups get their ideas on the road faster

Streetscooter, the electric vehicle company owned by Deutsche Post DHL Group, uses GKN Automotive’s modular Family 2 eDrive system for its pure electric vans. Other applications for the system include the Fiat 500e city EV and the Citroen Berlingo Electric light commercial vehicle.

The system provides output torque of up to 2000Nm in a compact package with superior NVH and efficiency. The interface enables the electric drive to pair easily with different electric motor designs to simplify integration and application engineering.

A key objective of the StreetScooter programme was to reduce the development time and costs typically associated with commercial vehicles. Working with GKN Automotive to source essential driveline technologies, helped the start-up develop a more affordable electric commercial vehicle for urban operations.

The StreetScooter van is powered by a 20.4 kWh Li-ion battery pack and propelled by a 30 kW motor. Top speed is 80 km/h (50 mph).

GKN Automotive supported StreetScooter with application engineering to deliver the driveline within the programme’s ambitious timeframe.