GKN Automotive Malaysia supports local community centre

Time and resources help disabled people develop new skills.

Employees from GKN Automotive Malaysia came together to volunteer their time to contribute towards a CSR programme being run at the local Rehabilitation Community Centre. The Rehabilitation Community Centre provides shelter and rehabilitation opportunities to local people who suffer with disabilities.

The centre currently helps around 20 people, ranging from 3 to 30 years old, who suffer with various disabilities including cerebral palsy, hyperactivity, Down’s syndrome and autism. The centre helps these people with painting, arithmetic, arts and crafts and social skills.

The volunteers from GKN Automotive Malaysia came up with a number of innovative ways in which they could provide a positive contribution to the centre. They took some of the unwanted material from their site, and recycled this into useful materials that could be used at the centre.

Some of the ideas the volunteers came up with were to convert old oil drums into furniture and to recycle tires into flower planters. As well as creating these fantastic recycled pieces, the volunteers also helped around the site by clearing land so that flowers and vegetables could be planted and by painting the centre.

The Rehabilitation Community Centre was grateful that the GKN Automotive employees were able to come up with these innovative ideas, and gave both their time and effort to help out.