GKN Automotive employees and local children build nesting area for turtles

Turtle Conservation Programme helps protect important part of Malaysia’s national heritage.

GKN Automotive Malaysia is helping a local Turtle Conservation Programme create awareness among young people of the dangers facing sea turtles and what people can do to help. The team has helped create a safe place for turtles to safely hatch their eggs, out of the reach of predators.

A total of 37 employees from GKN Automotive Malaysia, along with 35 young children who came along to help out, made their way over a jungle track to the nearby Kerachut Beach in Penang National Park. There the team helped create designated nesting areas for the turtles and planted merambung plants, also known as Beach Cabbage, to attract turtles to this area.

The young children in the group were taught how to safely identify turtle eggs, ways to protect them until they hatch and the right time to release turtles back into the sea. The children also learned about the turtle eco system balance.

It is vitally important to spread awareness of the danger turtles face, as each year around 5000 eggs are hatched, but there is unfortunately only a 30% survival rate.

The GKN Automotive employees and the young children thoroughly enjoyed themselves throughout this adventure, and they also made a huge positive contribution to their local environment.