Oleśnica provide ambulances, safety equipment and a helping hand to their community

GKN Automotive’s Oleśnica team acted quickly to play their part to make positive contributions in their community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Oleśnica team worked closely with the Association of Polish Rescue Services, and when they were in times of desperate need having ran extremely low on equipment, the Oleśnica team were quick to act. The Oleśnica team donated 100 safety suits, 900 pairs of gloves and 500 face masks. The safety equipment was used in local hospitals and allowed the staff working there to remain safe.

As well as providing the much-needed safety equipment, the Oleśnica team also worked closely with the Polish rescue services to provide help to speed up the production of much needed new ambulances. Even the maintenance department at the Oleśnica plant played their part in helping with the outbreak, donating electrical equipment so that the ambulances could be on the road as soon as possible.

The nominated first aiders from the Oleśnica team volunteered their spare time to work in the triage unit in local hospitals with the Oleśnica first aiders potentially being the first people the infected patients would speak to, determining who needs to be seen by an expert doctor as a matter of priority, potentially saving many lives.

Many employees from the Oleśnica team also took part in the visible hand volunteering project during the crisis. The programme focuses on completing tasks for those most vulnerable, including going shopping, walking dogs and delivering safety masks.