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Making electric propulsion more competitive

December 2019

Most electric and hybrid vehicle programs do not currently generate profits. Intelligent standardisation of electric drive systems with highly integrated inverters and eMotors will generate greater value for both automakers and consumers. 

Making e-mobility both profitable and affordable is the key challenge facing the automotive industry

Electric and hybrid vehicles must become more affordable for consumers and more profitable for producers. For that to happen suppliers must find new and better ways to make electric propulsion more economically viable. 

GKN Automotive’s technology roadmap focuses on reducing the premium for e-mobility, while maximising the benefits. Lower costs, optimum efficiency, NVH refinement, and effective all-wheel drive (AWD) system integration will be critical success factors for programs. 

Progress on electrification is already being made as manufacturers commit to electrifying their fleets and a growing number of products become available. GKN Automotive has played a significant role in this process, applying its driveline and all-wheel drive expertise to scale up production of systems that support e-mobility. 

“NVH issues will be critical to the success of e-mobility programs and brand reputations.”

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