GKN Automotive and Delta Electronics Inc. collaborate to accelerate development of next-generation eDrive technology

  • eDrive systems leader GKN Automotive and power electronics specialist Delta Electronics Inc. begin strategic collaboration
  • Milestone relationship will accelerate delivery of scalable, next-generation 3-in-1 eDrive systems
  • New integrated eDrive systems currently in development will enter production within three years to continue addressing a sizeable and rapidly expanding market

GKN Automotive, the world’s leading supplier of electric drive, all-wheel drive and driveline technology and systems, and Delta Electronics Inc., a world-class provider of power and thermal management solutions, today announced their collaboration on the joint development that will enable the rapid acceleration of next generation integrated 3-in-1 eDrive systems of power classes from 80kW to 155kW.

The joint development of advanced eDrive technology will see inverters supplied by Delta Electronics Inc. integrated with GKN Automotive’s eMotor and gearbox systems in a 3-in-1 solution. Further aligning the two companies is a shared dedication to systems weight and packaging volume reduction, and a focus on simplifying OEM assembly processes for easier and better-quality component installations. The collaboration between these two industry-leading companies will significantly increase their technical capabilities and accelerate time to market.

Liam Butterworth, CEO of GKN Automotive, said: “The eDrive market continues to accelerate as manufacturers are required to meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations demanding technological progression and speed. Our collaboration with Delta represents a significant milestone in the expansion of our portfolio of scalable, integrated 3-in-1 eDrive solutions and our capabilities in rapidly bringing new cost competitive technologies to market.”

Simon Chang, COO of Delta Electronics Inc., added: “Delta is dedicated to enabling low-carbon green transportation by providing EV powertrain solutions and power electronics products, including traction inverters, traction motors, on-board chargers, DC/DC converters, and EV charging solutions to the market. We’re pleased to work with the leading company GKN Automotive to produce integrated eDrive units for the next generation of electric and hybrid vehicles.”

GKN Automotive has an unparalleled 17 years of eDrive development and integration expertise which has resulted in the production of more than one million eDrive units to date, and a rapidly expanding order book. Delta Electronics Inc. has nearly 50 years of expertise in power electronics and is currently supporting the world’s leading EV makers with its quality and comprehensive product portfolios. The partnership will further strengthen GKN Automotive’s position as the industry's leading full-system electric powertrain supplier while boosting Delta Electronics Inc.’s position as a dominant force in the design, development and supply of EV powertrain solutions and power electronics products.

The new collaboration will centre on the development of two new integrated eDrive families for application across different torque classes for the next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles. Within three years, the new 3-in-1 eDrive units will be available for start of production in a multitude of vehicle types, from A-segment city cars to D-segment executive cars and SUVs, supporting a range of torque outputs from 2,000 Nm to 3,800 Nm, with nominal power outputs of between 80 kW to 155 kW. These solutions will cover a large proportion of the future eDrive market, which is projected to be worth more than £12 billion by 2030*.

L-R: Liam Butterworth, CEO, GKN Automotive; Hannes Prenn, COO, ePowertrain, GKN Automotive; Simon Chang, COO, Delta Electronics; James Tang, VP and GM of Electric Vehicle Solutions Business Group of Delta Electronics
L-R: Liam Butterworth, CEO, GKN Automotive; Hannes Prenn, COO, ePowertrain, GKN Automotive; Simon Chang, COO, Delta Electronics; James Tang, VP and GM of Electric Vehicle Solutions Business Group of Delta Electronics

About GKN Automotive's eDrive business

GKN Automotive has pioneered the advancement of eDrive technologies since 2002, developing unrivalled systems integration and production capabilities. This started with transmissions, then 2-in-1 eMotor and transmission systems, through to fully integrated 3-in-1 eMotor, gearbox and inverter systems. GKN Automotive is launching five semi-integrated 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 eDrive series production projects in China and Europe for volume OEMs over the next 12 months.

GKN Automotive eDrive systems can easily be applied to either the front or rear axle and configured for two- or four-wheel drive set-ups. They are capable of providing either full-electric power, or hybrid-electric power to support an existing internal combustion engine. Their compact setup with electric motor, gearbox and inverter all in one housing is optimised to suppress noise and vibrations, delivering greater refinement and efficiency than powertrains incorporating separately packaged elements.

GKN Automotive’s eDrive experience is proven through its support of numerous manufacturers, including BMW, Mitsubishi, Jaguar Land Rover, Peugeot, Porsche and Volvo, to evolve their line-ups of electric and hybrid vehicles.

About Delta Electronics Inc.

Delta, founded in 1971, is a global provider of switching power supplies and thermal management products with a thriving portfolio of smart energy-saving systems and solutions in the fields of industrial automation, building automation, telecom power, data center infrastructure, EV charging, renewable energy, energy storage and display, to nurture the development of smart manufacturing and sustainable cities. As a world-class corporate citizen guided by its mission statement, “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow,” Delta leverages its core competence in high-efficiency power electronics and its CSR-embedded business model to address key environmental issues, such as climate change. Delta serves customers through its sales offices, R&D centers and manufacturing facilities spread over close to 200 locations across 5 continents.

Throughout its history, Delta has received various global awards and recognition for its business achievements, innovative technologies and dedication to CSR. Since 2011, Delta has been listed on the DJSI World Index of Dow Jones Sustainability™ Indices for 9 consecutive years. In 2017, Delta was selected by CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) for its Climate Change Leadership Level for the 2nd consecutive year.

For detailed information about Delta, please visit: www.deltaww.com


* Source: IHS / Roland Berger





GKN Automotive is the world’s leading supplier of automotive driveline technology and systems. It develops, builds and integrates an extensive range of automotive driveline technologies – for use in the smallest ultra low-cost car to the most sophisticated premium vehicle demanding the most complex driving dynamics. GKN Automotive is a leading global producer of CVJ Systems, four-wheel drive Systems, Trans Axle Solutions and eDrive Systems and operates in 21 countries at 54 locations employing approximately 29,000 people. It is a pioneer of advanced e-Drive development and in July 2019 produced its 1 millionth electrified driveline system.



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