18 04 2017

GKN’s Twinster provides intelligent all-wheel drive torque vectoring for new Opel Insignia

GKN Driveline’s Twinster torque vectoring all-wheel drive (AWD) system has entered series production with another major car manufacturer. The latest application of the advanced technology is for AWD variants of the new Opel / Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport and Sports Tourer models, which are currently being launched across Europe.

Opel Insignia Grand Sport 4x4

Twinster technology offers the enhanced traction, driving dynamics and stability of all-wheel drive. Twinster delivers a secure driving experience by optimising torque delivery in all weather and road conditions. Constantly managing the distribution of torque – between the front and rear axles, and between the rear wheels – according to changes in throttle position, steering angle and road surface, Twinster ensures maximum stability and traction.

Its responsiveness to driving style means Twinster can deliver specifically tuned dynamic characteristics. It helps the Insignia to respond with immediacy and precision to the driver’s inputs by sending more torque to the outside rear wheel when turning, inducing higher rotation around the vertical axis (reducing ‘understeering’).

Furthermore, the level of yaw support managed by the Twinster system in the new Insignia can be selected via pre-set driving modes. Medium yaw support can be achieved in ‘Tour’ mode; high yaw support is set in ‘Sport’ mode for greater responsiveness.

Peter Moelgg, Chief Executive Officer of GKN Driveline’s AWD product stream, said: “Our Twinster system is fast becoming the favoured solution for OEMs who recognise consumer demand for all-wheel drive and wish to avoid the compromises that it traditionally imposes. With Twinster, the all-wheel drive versions of Insignia deliver excellent driving dynamics, stability and driveline efficiency.

“Our work with Opel marks the first time that Twinster’s intelligent torque vectoring has been offered in the mid-size sector in Europe. Not only is this an outstanding accomplishment for the development team, but it also demonstrates the versatility of the Twinster system and its suitability for almost all vehicle sectors.”

The Twinster twin-clutch rear drive module is more compact than conventional rear differentials and is lighter and less complex than other torque vectoring systems.

GKN Twinster AWD system

GKN Driveline works with OEM customers to tailor the Twinster hardware and software solution for each bespoke application. Previous configurations of the Twinster technology have been fitted to the Range Rover Evoque / Land Rover Discovery Sport platform, the Lincoln Continental and MKZ, Cadillac XT5, Buick LaCrosse and the Ford Focus RS.

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